Whether its work ethic or quality that catches your attention, RewindRaps has shown us that he has both time and time again. His now fifteen part series with Oscar100 is just one of the many pillars holding up his career, and it’s only expanding. To celebrate Halloween, he unleashes his debut project I Spit On Your Grave, an immense ten track journey packed with everything you might expect from him. Backed with producers like Sadbalmain, 27hundred, Ginseng, Lilflexapro, Ohmygodnick, NoLuckBeats, Yung Apples, Mixed Matches, Fadedblackid, Oscar100, and KanKan, Rewind is given an arsenal of beautiful and intricate production that encourage some of his best wordplay and melodies in songs such as Horsepower and Stunting. There’s only one feature from SorrySeph, but the rest is all Rewind. It won’t be too long before his next release so make sure you check out the new tape below.

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