Lil Tracy’s “Sinner” Is Finally Here

After months of anticipation and build up, Lil Tracy finally gives us his Sinner project. The five track EP is set to be a major installment of his already fruitful and legendary career. Just weeks ago he gave us a taste of it by dropping his Leesta produced single Heart early, an early sign of how good the tape would be. The rest of the production is out of this world, but with a lineup of producers like Skressz, Koren, Tadeo Hill, and Marvy Ayy, its not a surprise at how good the overall quality of the EP is. Bacteria is by far my favorite track on the tape to me, and is quickly becoming one of my favorite Tracy tracks. The deep cutting guitar melody sets the mood for Tracy’s heartfelt lyrics that have always resonated with all of us. Whether you’re a long time fan or have just stumbled across him, Sinner is a good listen for anybody and will go down as another pivotal moment for Tracy.  Check it out below and let me know what you think.

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