Many are still pouring into production from all over, and with a new wave of now super producers like Tay Keith and Pi’erre, a lot of us are looking for next potential stars. Dirty Sosa has been in the game for a lot longer than most, but he’s just now entering his prime. His production has crept from his bedroom and to the ears of Duwap Kaine, Ron$oCold, and Mar90s. Now, after getting several big but unreleased placements, Sosa knows how big of an opportunity he has in front of him and has his eyes set on the world stage. We caught up with him to talk about how he got his start in music, his growth and what to expect in the future.


How did you get into production?

When I was smaller I used to try to rap, but that was never for me so I looked into music production where I would be able to still freestyle in my bedroom to my own beats. Now I actually get people who could actually rap on them.

Have you always gone into production on your own, or were you affiliated with a group or collective from the start?

I’d say I was on my own for a while, just figuring stuff out on my own. Then BigBabyGucci introduced me to Forever World, and I just clicked with the energy and everyone just trying to push forward. Been with the collective ever since and I’ve seen everybody in there grow together.

How does it feel working with big artists like Smooky Margiela and Black Kray?

Man, it feels unreal to tell you the truth. It’s like finally hearing someone do justice on your beat. Usually you hear average shit on your beats and it’s whatever. But when you hear a good artist go off on your beat… you just think to yourself like damn they fuck with me like that? I gotta run the track back a couple times just to take it in properly. Self satisfying honestly. But it’s also made me realize my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.


On a good day how many beats can you make? What do you when hit beat block?

On a good day when I’m not in school, I can probably make 3-4. Wake up, make a beat, eat breakfast, make another beat and just carry on the day like that. I just be chilling making beats honestly. The vibes gotta be right though, some days you just won’t make any beats and that’s okay. You’ll have those days. When I hit beat block I usually just leave it alone for a couple hours then come back.

What would you say influences your production most? Influences in and outside of music.

In music in general I’d say Atlanta. The run the whole music scene itself. It’s crazy, most of the sounds I use are originated from that one city. Zaytoven, Dro, Wheezy, Richie Souf, Turbo, Tm88, Southside etc. I can go on all day about these producers I look up to. So lately I been shifting my focus/sound towards that ATL scene. I’d love to work with YSL or FreeBandz one day. That’s my objective for real.

Outside of music, I used to go to parties and shit and be like damn these songs hard as fuck. My friends at the time would go to all these concerts and shit praising the producers and artists like some gods. I said fuck this shit, I’m gonna learn this shit myself. Here I am now. No, I’m not friends with any of those people anymore.

Where do you see yourself five or ten years from now? 

Working alongside YSL or Freebandz….that’s the ultimate goal.


Out of all the artists you’ve worked with who have you enjoyed working with most?

Mar90s. We actually linked up in the studio. Genuine ass dude. I remember listening to his music in like 2015-2016. He was the first artist I had sent a pack to in 2018. He made 2high2remember and we just went from there.

What’s been the most memorable moment for you so far?

Probably seeing artists react to my beats in the studio. It’s one thing to send a pack and have an artist say this hard! But it’s another thing to be in the studio with them and see them really vibe with the beats the same way I do, or even better.

What can we expect from you next year? What are your plans?

I’m currently working with people from TME (Talk Money Ent), Richy Samo, Forever World, and some other names but it;s all for the future for now. As far as plans go, I’ll be in my room perfecting the sauce and trying to get out more. I took this year to learn and get better now it’s’ time to put myself out there more and show the music world different sides of Dirty Sosa.

Anything else you want to let our readers know? 

Yeah, thank you to everybody who rocks with me. I can’t thank people enough for being genuine and taking time to listen to the music I produce. Thank you.



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