BBY KODIE is the future of Houston. Here’s why:

Kodie is the self-proclaimed Teen Icon that hails from Houston, Texas and is by far one of the most fire artists making his rise out of the underground right now. He’s quickly become one of my favorite artists this year, and ever since I found him, he’s continued to drop nothing but hits. Songs like Grand Theft Rari, 7AM, COCO, Dior 3 and Kodie Kardashian showcase his immense star power and ability to make a hit song that soon, millions of people will love. He has all the qualities of a superstar, already packing out shows in Houston, with hundreds of people screaming the lyrics to his songs.

His two projects “Kodie Kardashian” and “Teen Icon” have been on repeat all year for me. From front to back all the songs on them are amazing, with most tracks filled with witty, clever punchlines that consist of his dreams of owning a Tesla, and his motivations of being rich and living a lavish lifestyle: “5 star meal my plate, 5 star meal my bitch/Why would I keep these bitches, when i got bitches cross the map?/I bought me a Tesla got tired of driving that bitch/Had to fly my tesla down the road and hit the store” – (5 Star Hoe). The production on all of his songs are always superb, with most being produced by him and his talented friend KB. They craft some insane beats, making aggressive, gritty instrumentals that are always packed with earth-rattling 808s and lush melodies. Together, the two of them have been taking over Houston with electric bangers played across sold out shows, pushing forth a new era in the historic city.

Kodie is one of the most refreshing artists I’ve heard in a while, he’s consistently himself on every track, never trying to imitate someone else’s style and always pushing to create a new image and style for Houston with his songs. Kodie is the city’s hidden gem, and with the help of his friends, they’ve managed to created a huge movement in Texas that’ll soon translate to the rest of the world. With HVN organizing major shows across Texas, Kodie & KB making hits that rack up thousands of plays, and Kodie already getting major looks from the likes of Houston’s very own Maxo Kream, soundcloud legend Icytwat, and Tay-K’s manager Ezra, there’s no doubt that BBY Kodie is set to be the next big thing.

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