Back to his regular frequent drops, Lil Xelly releases a new project “Jason Moorcheese” along with 2 new singles “Orangutan” and “Lightshow” in preparation for “xr Meets XRR.” Throughout all of Fall so far, Xelly has been pretty consistent, releasing some of his best projects yet with #xrrific, Brenda Had a Baby and Neddy Had A Little Lamb dropping. “Jason Moorcheese” adds on to Xelly’s long list of fire projects, with him showcasing a few of his different styles over the course of 6 tracks. He shows his more melodic side with tracks like See Ya, Stick Talk & xrrstyle, and then goes to his aggressive style for “Rn,” and Lil Xrr. “Jason Moorcheese” is another solid project from Xelly and has some standouts like “Rn” and “Xrrstyle” that’ll be in steady rotation for me for the remainder of the year.

Orangutan” and “Lightshow” find Xelly floating over two Danny Wolf beats with ease, pulling out a multitude of crazy flows that go along perfectly with the explosive production from Danny. The two have been proving that their an unstoppable combo, when together, showing out on tracks like “Celebrity” and “Breaking Bad.” Xelly and Danny have tape dropping right around the corner and these new releases are a great sign that it’ll be one of the many highlights of 2018. Check them out below:

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