After teasing the track at shows across Houston for months now, Apexdoodie unleashes an aggressive banger in “AAAA!” featuring BBY KODIE. TravionKB takes helm of the production, crafting an explosive instrumental that’s packed to the rim with heavy 808s and this electric melody that fits the Houston icon’s styles perfectly. Doodie and Kodie both come on the track with their usual vigorous energy, chanting some fire, witty lines along the way: “She gave me good brain but she dumb as shit/Making him dance like he uzi/Tell them boys wake up chop suey.” From the insane production by Travion and the charismatic verses by Doodie and Kodie, “AAAA!” is an undeniable hit from some of Houston’s finest that you won’t want to miss, so check it out below:

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