Just a day before his upcoming show with Nolanberollin in Minnesota, Lerado surprises fans with two new singles “Checks” and “Creepin.” He previously previewed the two songs on his instagram and fans have been waiting eagerly ever since, and the two songs live up to the hype. “Checks” finds Lerado flowing effortlessly over some phenomenal production by wiardon, constructing an electric beat with a beautiful piano melody and some heavy kicks and 808s. Lerado lays a perfect hook and verse over it, making for a hard-hitting banger in “Checks” that’ll surely get crowds roaring at his shows. On “Creepin,” Lerado takes a more subtle approach, tapping into his softer side. He spits slow, trodden rhymes over this peaceful instrumental by harrisonsutherland that give off a blissful vibe, sounding almost euphoric to the ear. “Creepin” and “Checks” are two great tracks from the young star, and show how much he’s progressed artistically in the past few years. Check them out below:


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