nappy 01′ – never miss

Only a mere week after their last hit “no love,” nappy 01′ and mixed matches release a new single titled “never miss” off their upcoming EP just in time to brighten my day. Labeling his work as “dream pop beats,” mixed matches does just that on “never miss“, crafting a wonderful instrumental that features his always splendid melodies that make me feel like I’m flying through the blue sky, soaring past the puffy clouds in a dream. Nappy has an incredible knack for hooks, captivating the listener with this catchy hook, and a smoothly delivered verse filled with witty and infectious bars over the beautifully composed instrumental by mixed. With “no love” and “never miss” being as fantastic as they are, I have high hopes for the duo’s upcoming EP and can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us. Check out the single below:

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