A plethora of artists dropped today, but two of the best songs I’ve heard all day came from Houston’s hidden gem BBY Kodie. He dropped off two crazy tracks “626” and “Phantom” that show exactly why you need to be listening to the upcoming star. “626” finds Kodie flowing freely over this insane beat with a strong brass melody and jarring 808s that are tuned to perfection. He comes up with fire lines effortlessly, delivering notable punchlines like: “She can call me Kodie K or she can call me K/I’m inside my birkin bag swaggin’ through your state/No I’m not no working class but I make my own cake.” Lines like these are why I listen to Kodie, his immense charisma shines on all his tracks, and consistently continue to grab my ear with each line. On “Phantom,” Kodie goes all in, chanting lines of him being tired of people stealing his style, boasting about his wide range of cars and his extraordinary lifestyle. At this point I don’t even think Kodie is capable of making a remotely bad song, every release of his is heaps ahead of anyone else in the underground and has me excited for what he’s gonna do in 2019. Check out his latest two tracks below:

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