Wiardon – Numba1Viktim


Wiardon is a rapper/producer from Texas that has been rolling the past few months. He dropped a 7-track EP “Foxhole Prayer” that introduced himself formally as a rapper. He tells stories in his raps and can put you right in his shoes with the lyrical pictures he paints. As such a renowned producer it’s hard for his beats to not outshine his raps. Yet he has proven that he’s more than capable in keeping balance between the two arts. The fact he’s made such a smooth and accepted transition from producer to rapper shows how honored he is in the game.

Just a day after his 16th birthday he released his debut full-length project. Numba1Viktim features 10 records all of which are self-produced with only one production from Username. The offering is mixed with smooth samples and jumping drums. He further establishes himself as an illustrious rapper who settles for nothing less than lyrical brilliance. This project shows growth and fine-tuning in every aspect since his first EP. The project features the notable Wiki and fellow Texas native Stunnamansam. This is only beginning for the young phenom who surely will continue to take his craft to new heights.

Cam Bank$ & 2Spvced- The Soulful Moods Of Kameo Vol 1. A.K.A “Black Majik”


Boom Bap is not dead, it’s truly alive and well if you know where to look. Cam Bank$ is a rapper with countless flows and a style that would leave you thinking he time traveled from the 90’s. 2SPVCED gives his all when it comes to his productions, the talented producer is proficient with loops. The two tapped in for 4 extremely smooth tracks on Black Majik.

The EP is a perfect representation of both their images and what they stand for. With beats from 2SPVCED that connect with Cam’s classic style of rap perfectly. Each record holds a similar sound with well cut samples giving it an undeniably vintage feeling. These two prove how well they work with each other and leave us in anticipation for a longer project to come.

Corleone P – Leather Seats and Sunroofs Vol. 1


Corleone P. is a poetic artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee that is adept with his words. His flow is murderous over any beat he gets on. He makes sure to enunciate his rhymes and is a master at getting his point across through his wordplay. The member of “The House”, a collective of prominent Tennessee artists, out does himself on his latest project.

Leather Seats & SunRoofs Vol. 1 is a prime example of Corleone P. in action alongside fellow “The House” artists. The project features many classic beats from Biggie’s Sky’s the Limit to Common’s They Say. All of which are executed incredibly and do the originals justice. It’s always a risk to remix a classic song but when those songs are also seen as staples of rap, the risk elevates. Not many people would be able to pull it off and P. does it with ease. The project is executive produced by Shoey Russell and himself. He only calls on Michael Da Vinci, Brian Brown, and YGTUT for assistance as he showcases his solo abilities to the fullest.


LNDN DRGS & Left Brain – “Brain on DRGS”


The duo of rapper Jay Worthy and producer Sean House make up the acclaimed LNDN DRGS. Left Brain is another well rooted rapper/producer and one of the founding figures of Odd Future. Each of these individuals hold a high caliber knowledge and talent within their artistry. It should already be known that a collaboration between the trio would be nearly flawless.

Each record on Brain On DRGS has a different vibe to it, all with a nostalgic feeling to the classic G-Funk sound that continues to make a comeback. This project will have you searching all over for the samples that are incorporated throughout. While Jay Worthy and Left Brain give each beat their own spin with their unique flows. The bars from both rappers mixed with such robust production is a guaranteed success.

Benny the Butcher – “Tana Talk 3”


Griselda Records arguably is one of the realest labels in rap right now. With the likes of Buffalo rap geniuses Benny, Conway, and Westside Gunn it’s only right that they be given that credit. All 3 of them have bars for days and know exactly how to incorporate their lives into their rhymes. Benny for instance is adept at making his records sound like a major motion picture. He goes bonkers on his new project, Tana Talk 3.

For the duration of 14 records he integrates lyricism that will make your head spin. The stories of street dreams to the repercussions of living out those dreams are depicted in depth. His use of real-life situations infused with insane metaphors will leave you speechless. All of which are delivered over some of the grimiest beats that Griselda has to offer. This is real hustler music and the Buffalo rapper continues to make himself one of the most honorable names in the game.

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