After an excruciating wait, DWN2EARTH blesses us with a captivating new single in “Mutombo.” With the help of MARØ, DWN2EARTH creates this beautiful instrumental that has some angelic strings, that are backed by some powerful drums and a soothing melody that aligns beautifully with DWN2EARTH’s gorgeous vocals. His delivery on the whole track is amazing, with him showing off his impressive vocal range and singing euphoric rhymes across the gentle instrumental for nearly 4 minutes of pure bliss. The beat switch on the track is breathtaking, with there being some lush guitar riffs near the end and him hitting some magnificent high notes as his voice fades into the phenomenal production by him and MARØ. With every listen “Mutombo” gets better, proving to be his most polished song yet. Check it out for yourself below:

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