2kthagoon “Levitation”

2kthagoon is without a doubt one of the most respected artists in the underground. He has single handedly influenced a lot of the freshman artists out right now, and his sound continues to evolve even now years after he first emerged onto the scene. So it’s needless to say that fans have been eager to get a new project from him, and after months of preparation and anticipation he finally delivers his biggest release yet titled Levitation. Packed with top tier production from the likes of Falsecut, Vince la, Fatherblaze, Dontsleep, Tyson, Risvi, Ginseng, Riclaflare, Rxland, Jaysplash, and Marcelo, the EP is set with an incredible foundation. From there 2k combines autotune with his signature style to deliver a tape worthy of all the praise its about to receive. Check it out for yourself in the link below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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