nolanberollin – beanday II

Not too long after the release of Superbeanman, Nolan has been working hard on his upcoming project “Ultrabeanman,” already previewing quite a few snippets over the following months. Today, he lets us know that it’s coming soon with 3 new songs in the form of “Beanday 2.” It starts off with the recently made “Adot” song that finds Nolan chant the Chicago rappers name nonchalantly over this amazing beat constructed by Gunlock that is made up of this wavy melody and some explosive 808s to go along with Nolan’s off-kilter rapping style that is both humorous as it is impressive. The following track “30mg” finds Nolan in his element, rapping over his own production that as always is perfect, as he cooks up a action-packed instrumental while delivering clever and witty punchlines during the 2 minute run-time. The closer is an untitled snippet/unfinished track that is solely a hook of Nolan reciting “that my beangirl” over some phenomenal production that is filled with colorful synths and some blissful adlibs scattered throughout the background of the track. Check it out below:

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