mixed matches – trinity_c

There’s been plenty of artists out there that make some great music, but one person in particular that I always find myself going back to, is none other than the extremely skilled producer/dreamy pop singer mixed matches. He’s crafted some of the most beautiful 3 song EP’s this year in his “trinity_” series, with the help of ric and today, the two end the fantastic trilogy with the final installment in “trinity_c.

Ric has remained one of the most fire and underrated producers in music and put together with the powerful sounds of mixed matches, they make some of the most breathtaking, original production I’ve heard. The two collab on the first two tracks “Leaning” and “Nowhere,” crafting beats filled with bright, colorful synths and perfect melodies that are nothing but heavenly and euphoric to the ear. The beat switch on “nowhere” is especially beautiful, as it echos mixed matches beautiful vocals into a delightful outro full of these dreamy synths and piano keys that lead into my personal favorite cut, “melatonin.” It features co-production from arthrn and together, him and mixed matches create one of his best tracks yet. The two construct this smooth, euphoric instrumental that enraptured me as the beat wonderfully progressed with these lush chords that were put behind mixed matches enthralling vocal delivery. He comes up with this beautiful hook “And I can’t blame you for all your wrongdoings, when I think that it’s just being human/And I can’t sleep without melatonin” that just enchanted me as it was backed by the lush chord progression by arthrn and mixed. All in all, “trinity_c” is a blissful 9 minute listen of nonstop joy, featuring outstanding production by arthrn and ric and impressive vocal work from the always fabulous mixed matches. Check it out below:


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