Just days before the incoming release of the young star’s second project “777%Angel,” Kevin Kazi blesses fans with another new single off the EP in “Paris.” One of his frequent producers and frankly one of the best to rise in 2018, Killmidnight takes on the production for the track, constructing a serene instrumental with some beautiful guitar strings laid beautifully throughout the track. Kevin snaps on here, delivering a rapid-fire verse and a beautiful hook in swift fashion, reciting “Posted in Paris off a percocet, I feel the codeine screaming in my flesh/Step on the gas and hit the intersect, need a molly before I hope in the jet/Cross the water flashing from across the border/Niggas snitching man these niggas reporting/Shawty won’t do it I say it’s an order/Fine dining I don’t know what to order.”  Paris is an undeniable hit and with the infectious hook, his angelic vocal inflections and the soothing instrumental, it’s a track you won’t want to miss out on. Check it out below:


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