hatesonny – bad luck [tape]

Hatesonny is one of the few artists that I consistently go back to, songs like “honest” and “shooter” have infinite replay-ability, from the fantastic beat selections to his infectious hooks and soothing delivery, each song from sonny is incredible in it’s own way. His anticipated project “bad luck” has finally released and is one of the most cohesive and consistent work yet from the up and comer from Chicago.

This is the first full length effort from him and it shows, as “bad luck” is full of some of his best songs and an incredible showcase of his infinite style range over the course of the near flawless 32 minutes. Songs like “Thirteen” and “don’t be him” find Sonny at his best, being the most cutthroat and aggressive than ever before. The production on “thirteen” in particular is insane, as noelz crafts a moshpit inducing beat that features earth-shattering 808’s but at the same time contrasts with this beautiful melody. In fact every beat Sonny hops on are some of the best production you’ll find on a tape this week, with him choosing an impeccable lineup of producers.

From the renowned Fish, Areyoudeaf, Mixed Matches and Luke Almighty to Jakesand, Gus Chavany, Romeo, Noelz V, Noah and Kishie, all of them delivered some splendid beats, especially Fish. He really showed off throughout the project, putting his versatility as a producer on display, crafting hard-hitting, up-tempo beats like “Don’t Be Him,” angelic instrumentals like on “heard you” and even switching it up to something more sweet and soothing on “Street Lights” as it features some splendid drums, guitar strings and amazing background vocals by Skye Pinnick. It’s one of my favorites off “bad luck” and finds both Fish and Hatesonny trying something different than their usual styles and they do a fantastic job, making one of the more memorable songs I’ve heard all year.

Each track is superb, and tells a different story than the last, with him letting everything that’s been on his chest out. “bad luck” is Sonny putting his heart and soul into one project and the outcome is truly beautiful, as it’s 13 tracks of his raw thoughts and emotions put into one blissful 32 minute listen. Give it a listen below:

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