The Blender Ep. 1

2018 is a wrap! But the next year will no doubt be better. We decided to release the first episode of our monthly series The Blender, where we give you guys recaps and announcements of things we have planned in the future. In the first episode, Brick covers three artists and producers we have picked as next to blow in the new year.

BasedTJ has been taking ample steps to secure his position as one of the underground’s most respectable producer in recent years. Aside from the countless underground artists he’s laced with beautiful production, his work his Sahbabii has put him in the spotlight. There’s no doubt he and Sah have other hits stored away in the vault, and that’s just another reason to keep an eye out for him in 2019.

Joe Dirt‘s name hasn’t floated around the underground scene. but his work alone speaks for itself. He’s powered BigBabyGucci’s career in the last year, and has helped the rest of Forever World build on their foundation. Whether it’s his production or engineering, you’ll see his name a lot more in 2019, making him an easy addition to our list.


Oscar100 and RewindRaps have been a tight duo this year, and aside from their Rewind100 series, Oscar has been behind a lot of the hottest artists in the underground, from Swaghollywood, Smokepurpp, to Duwap Kaine. You’ll rarely see a producer progress as much as he has this year, so you should definitely keep an eye out for him in 2019.

We’ve also put together a short list of rappers to look out for next year.

RewindRaps and Oscar100’s series have catapulted the young artist to new heights, but his catalog extends beyond into 2016. You’ll spend hours shifting through his Soundcloud, and by the time you hear everything Rewind will have no doubled what he has already accomplished.

Kevin Kazi is one of the youngest rising artists out of Atlanta right now, but has already turned heads in the industry after releasing several hit singles like Boomerang and Billie Eilish. He’s had a very successful year this year, and after releasing his second project 777% Angel, Kevin is set to become the next big star. You will hear his name a lot more in 2019.

We have a lot planned for you guys next year, like our monthly recaps, shows, community projects and our very own app. Reach out to us via email at to let us know what you would like to see us do in the future. Happy new year to all of our supporters!


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