One of our favorites here at Fresh Fruit, Sol Jay welcomes the New Year with a boastful new single in “King’s Freestyle.” Throughout 2018, Jay was dropping several potential hits but was severely underrated and overlooked for some reason, from his soulful voice, to his gift for melodies, he’s one you should look out for this year; and he proves it in the latest offering from the underground king. He addresses all of his pet peeves, clones, doubters and priorities on the track by putting together prideful rhymes in smooth fashion over a beautiful beat by snoozed: “aye, i guess they don’t like the kid/guess what? i don’t like them either/i’m just tryin’ run up the meter/word around town heard you was talking shit/i ain’t really fucking with this utah shit/i gotta say i’m proud of my sons/why the fuck i got so many sons?” It’s the perfect track to start off the New Year and is a true showing of why Sol Jay is one of the finest out. From his exquisite beat selection, impeccable hooks and incredible capability to string together skillful verses with ease, he’s the “muhfuckin king with the muhfuckin wings” and all 2019 long, he’s going to shine and get his well-deserved recognition. Check out “King’s Freestyle” below:

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