With his incoming “bad human 2” album inching closer to the release, Surf, easily one of the most underrated and overlooked artists out there, decides to drop off a single off of the project with “Hero.” The track features production from the talented Saya who recently started to work with Surf, a few months ago, already crafting some hits together like “UFCKDUP” and “ItsOkay2Cry.” On “Hero,” Saya constructs a beautiful beat that has a splendid melody with some colorful chords sprinkled throughout the blissful 3 minutes. Surf cruises over the angelic sounds by Saya, coming up with a fire verse and  infectious hook filled with clever lines, chanting “I can see it in your eyes/i know you a liar/ hot like fire, i don’t need a lighter/they want me to shine, i can shine brighter/hit them with a kick like ryu street fighter!/i be in the streets, don’t you try to be no hero/boy them diamonds cold, ice cold sub-zero/really bout that money i be hunting down them euros/now my heart cold, ice cold, sub-zero” in a gleeful, upbeat tone across the euphoric instrumental. From start to finish, “hero” is a delightful listen and is just a glimpse of what the new and improved “badder human” has in store for us on “bad human 2.” Check it out below:


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