I first found up and comer lil ds on Christmas, when his last single “next year” popping up on my soundcloud feed, and I was immediately taken back by his beautiful melodies and the infectious hook he delivered, and played “next year” for the final, fleeting days of 2018. Recently, DS dropped off his first song of the new year with “always need more,” and based off of how great it is, he’ll live up to his high expectations this year. He hits up goyxrd and Fresh Fruit favorite ssgkobe for some fantastic production while he beautifully sings some soothing melodies. DS comes up with a catchy, memorable hook, reciting “yea i’m rolling witht he gang, you know how shit go/with the choppa let it bang, yea i let that shit blow/ yea we blowing on that gas puffing like citgo/ yea we rolling with the cash, I always need more” in a uplifting, serene tone that’s euphoric and soothing to the ear. It’s only been a mere 10 days into the year, but so far this is already one of my favorite releases. From the skillful, effortless verses, his melodies, the infectious hook, the slick flow and the incredible production, “always need more” is a must listen. Check it out below:

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