Retch Puts The Pressure On With “Richer Than The Opps”


In an era where the art of the flex can be thought of as a necessary tool for an artist or anybody in general,  there is an abundance of people trying too hard and we can all tell your neck or wrist is about to turn green from that gold chain as soon as you hop in the pool or start sweating. Then there’s the people who actually have it like that and know how to use their lifestyle to build their brand up. Retch is someone who has mastered the art of the flex. He damn near has written the book on how to make the people who pray for your demise sick to their stomach. The campaign for Richer Than The Opps was nothing but Retch moving around as he normally does while using the power of his social media to its full advantage.

There is no question that the opposition is in shambles from the release of the 13 record project. It’s hard to keep trying to top your last work every time if you try too hard the music won’t flow how it should. Retch doesn’t try to do that though, he creates based on the environment that surrounds him at the given time. The vibes that he has are going to be reflected in the music and regardless he’s going to make something hard when he steps into that booth. That’s why he’s been a constant threat musically ever since he got into the game. His wild antics definitely have given him even more validation and an even greater advantage. Everybody is always pissed when the music doesn’t sound like Polo Sporting Goods. That is easily some of his best work, he displayed a style that was unmatched. Being notorious for rocking an excess of Ralph Lauren garments to the absolute gritty and raw bars he brought on that project. What folks don’t understand is that as an artist you’re going to want to branch out and work with different sounds. DIFFERENT VIBES. Retch has been able to move in and out of different pockets because he always brings his own uniqueness to it. 

After The Verdict brought his classic grimy style to the forefront and showed how much he’s polished up his natural gift for rhyming over the years. The whole project was meant to have a specific sound and Grimm Doza couldn’t have captured the moment with the production any better. Richer Than The Opps goes back to proving the point that Retch is pristine in making music based on emotion. The sound of this project takes more of a trap approach and his vocals are more melodically focused. That doesn’t mean that he still wasn’t barring out by any means. Start to finish the energy is through the ceiling. Each beat has an ominous element that mixes with a strange sense of elegance. He continues to show love to New Jersey with production from WhatUpRan and Bharlie Rock along with other prestigious producers Cap, Hendrix Smoke, Sid Troy, ThatLoudPack, Richie Souf, and Kell Bender. The sole feature on the project comes from rising Jersey native Gu Mitch on “Fed Up”. Energy is at an all time high from start to finish and the opps are put to rest.

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