Stacy Money “2 Kids 1 Stacy”

Stacy Money returns with the next chapter in his extraordinary career, delivering a brand new album 2 Girls 1 Stacy. Following his well received tape Sober that dropped just months ago, Stacy brings R&B influence and a touch of modern trap. The tape is draped with beautiful production from the likes of Dez, Ragu, Corblanco, Party Animal, Tonio, k30, Ivsirs, Los, Alex Benjamin, Dylvinci, Captain Crunch, Good Intent, Xanboy, and Lxnleyboy, taking you for a swim through rich melodies that are hard to move on from after the first listen. All 12 tracks are well worth the time and listen, so make sure you check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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