Wiardon – “Double Shift” (Prod. Thelonious Martin)

One of rap’s most optimistic prodigies is back with his second single since the outstanding project, Numba1Viktim‘s release in November. Wiardon gets into his bag of flows and talks that talk on “Double Shift”. While Thelonious Martin takes us to church with production that’ll have you questioning if it’s Sunday morning already. The soulful beat matched with Wiardon’s lyrics focused on self-righteousness, hard work, and warning of the storm that is on an unstoppable path. The rain is coming and wack rappers better take shelter while they still have the chance.

The record is brought to life in a visual featuring Wiardon rapping on a staircase as clips from Paid In Full are strategically screened throughout. La Nori is the one behind the camera capturing the young emcee getting his verses off. All of the editing for the visual  was done by the prestigious producer Revenxnt. There is nothing fake going on, no type of flex, just an artist showcasing his craft in a genuine fashion with cinema infused to really relate to the feeling of the song.

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