endoh – hometown

Endoh has remained one of the most underappreciated artists in the underground and with his impressive track record, it doesn’t make any sense as to why. He’s like a diamond in the rough, consistently improving and getting better with every song amongst the shadows, but that has gone on for too long now, and in his latest hit “hometown,” he’s determined to get the credit he deserves this year. zJakkies creates a beautiful composition of sounds, constructing a bright, colorful melody that aligns like butter with Endoh’s godsent vocals. Throughout the captivating 3 minutes, endoh comes up with a bunch of clever quotables in his verse and hook “Jakkies on the beat, foreign bitch no visa/I been 10 toes down since day 1/I lost so much it’s hard for me to stay up/This the end bih I can’t be your friend bih/Will it ever stop, man this shit feeling so endless” all delivered in a melodic, uplifting inflection. From start to finish, it’s a beautiful track and with Endoh’s masterful showcase of flows, his effortless charisma and his sly punchlines paired with Jakkies incredible production, “hometown” is one of the best tracks you’ll hear in a while, so check it out below:

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