Mavi – “Ceilings” + “One Foot” (Prod. Ntvrme)


When it comes to the art of rapping Mavi is no novice. Debatably one of the most well-rounded artists coming out of Charlotte, yet he is still wildly overlooked. His raps hold a heavier connotation than the more melodious or auto-tuned sound we hear so vastly. Poetic like lyricism filled with devices that separate his words from the delivery of them in a way that drastically outshines all competition.

The Charlotte artist displays his knowledge and sharp execution of poetic devices in his two latest records both produced by ntvrme, which released in the middle of December. “Ceilings” reflects on the motives of people around him and the self rebuilding that he is currently going through. The realization of the changes that are engulfing over his life at such a fast pace yet he still can’t see the highest point. The ceiling. From simile to metaphor, alliteration to repetition, the employment of devices infatuates the listener. To truly catch everything Mavi is saying and the substance behind it one must listen closely. Stress is put on different syllables and the cadence is switched keenly with every line. The bars are consistently short and straight to the point, no filler.



“One Foot” is opened up with the distortion from what sounds like a guitar. As notes begin to play Mavi enters immediately with “One foot…in front of the other”. He addresses his movement forward and the closing off of outside forces who try to slow him down. He continues the hook with the essence of failure to move forward, an inability to feel. Transitioning into one long verse, 11 bars, with one extra line. The verse is bombarded with the poetic devices he is so adept at manipulating. As the lyrics stay closely to the theme of challenges he faces within himself, as well as those that surround him. The lesson in the end is regardless of internal and external issues it’s all just “one foot…in front of the other.”


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