Maxo – “Time” Prod. LastNameDavid + ComfyGod

Nobody can stop time or slow it down. Eventually it is inevitable that our time will run out. The clock is ticking, every second that passes is one less that you have to go out and make a change. To Maxo this all too well known and he makes his return with “Time”, the first release since his ground breaking EP almost a year ago. A sampling of somber vocals mixed with a clicking of drum sticks opens the record slowly. Piano and snare are introduced as all of the sounds connect in harmony. LastNameDavid and ComfyGod set the scene up for success.

Maxo jumps right into a verse, there are many questions on his mind. Changes are happening everyday, time is overwhelming the way that he moves and becoming a topic of wonder. He is reminiscent of the past as well as optimistic of the direction his life is heading. The main question at hand is what do the people really want from him. What else does he have to do to be accepted? We all can relate to that, even when we feel we’ve given our all, is it ever really enough? In Maxo’s case he has so much to offer through his music that as fans we will always be longing for more. An artist with so much genuine character and raw talent like him are what keep the music going.

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