sol jay – senses ft. ky

Fish and Sol Jay continue to put out hit after hit and with each song they release together, they surpass the previous effort and contentiously tackle different genres together, with the latest song being “senses.” For this latest effort, the two take on dancehall, with fish constructing a lovely instrumental with an infectious melody and powerful drums. This is exactly why fish is one of our favorite producers, his ability to dabble in practically every genre and execute it wonderfully is what sets him apart from his peers. As always, Sol Jay does a fantastic job vocally and delivers an insanely catchy hook, reciting “i can see you in the stars/feel you in my heart/touchin’ in the dark/need to heal my scars/when you around i sense it/in the air i could feel the tension/babygirl you got my senses/and i swear you know where my head is” in a euphoric tone that is nothing but bliss when aligned with fish’s lush production. Ky hops on and absolutely kills it, delivering an unforgettable verse full of passion that is by far the highlight of the already outstanding track. “senses” is one of sol jay’s and fish’s best tracks together, and with ky’s crazy verse, sol jay’s masterful hook and the alluring production by fish, it’s a must-listen. Check it out below:

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