Vision4k – Hacked My Twitter (Part 3 & 4)

Vision4k blesses us with a new “song” entitled Hacked My Twitter (Part 3 & 4). The reason why I say song in quotations is because the song has two completely different feels to it. Part 3 being more on the trap melodic side of things, and part 4 having a more emo rap aesthetic to it. Part 3 flows into part 4 seamlessly though without much problem in the transition. I enjoyed part 3 just a bit more because I really enjoy bass lines, so when the 808s snap in, it just captured my attention a lot. The fading of the trap drums into a secluded acoustic guitar riff also got my attention. The first time I listened to it, it really caught me off guard, but it filled me with ease compared to the uneasy, dark vibe on part 3.  Part 4 begins with a distant vocal coming closer and closer until you begin to hear the lyrics that Vision4k is saying. “When you’re feeling blue, I feel it too. Never met one quite like you.” This line captures a nice moment in that he saying that the suffering of close ones, makes him have a similar effect. He never met someone quite like the person he is speaking of and from there we can infer that he wished they didn’t feel like this. He only wishes them happiness and joy in life. This song is a really nice addition to the already great Vision4k discography and we are more than excited to see what will happen when his first album Recluse drops in the coming months. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think.


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