It’s been two months since we’ve heard from Kodie, with the last official release being 626. In the past few weeks he’s kept us fed with some tracks from his alter ego White Forest and a few loosies like “Marvin Kodie,” but today Kodie Kardashian returns as “BBY KEKE.” He respectfully nods to Houston legend Lil Keke, by sampling “Pimp Tha Pen” and effortlessly floating over the legendary sample that many have used but have never done quite as well as Kodie. He lets the beat come to him and spits clever bars nonchalantly, delivering sly lines like “Lean like a saint, we got purple like we paint/this codeine got me crazy I see the future when I think/Big Baby OG and it stank/Pimpin hoes need me a cane/Candy paint codeine scent/pimpin’ pens once again, it’s lil kodie don’t even ask/I feel like keke, I’m the lightskin Steve Nash/I be drowning in VVS when I sleep I take a bath.” BBY KEKE” is some of Kodie’s finest work yet, from the clean rhyme scheme, the over your head rhymes and the sound use of Pimp Tha Pen, it’s some great work and has me even more excited for his upcoming album, set to drop during the first quarter of the year. Check out the bold single from the Houston prodigy below:

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