Roland – Kingdom Key

With the long-awaited “kingdom hearts 3” finally reaching it’s anticipated public unveiling, Roland releases a new song “kingdom key.” It’s been one of my most frequently played tracks in the past few days, with his production abilities and rapping skills being at it’s best. He constructs a beautiful beat, featuring this smooth, lush melody paired with perfectly laid 808s and hi-hats. He recites a catchy, ear-grabbing hook, singing: “blood stains and rhinestones on my jeans/worth more than a couple M’s, worth a couple B’s/I had nightmares every night, this ain’t no joke to me/Want you to know you’re my light, you’re my own kingdom key/Know that I felt isolated, before I knew that you came in/Feel a second nature, I feel my heart is slipping in/Know it’s only me and myself that I can depend/I let down my guard can’t let that happen again” in a bright, joyful tone that aligns beautifully with the ear-soothing production. Roland’s verse on here is one of his best yet, delivering passionate lines like “Only god can judge me, just let me evolve/This my destiny, feel this place was made for me/When i go to sleep at night i feel something controlling me/Then i wake up paralyzed, see your image haunting me” along the way. “Kingdom Key” is a blissful listen from start to finish. His melodies are euphoric, the production enthralls you and his words paint a vivid picture of his thoughts and struggles, all packed into one wonderful gift of a 2 minute and 12 second .mp3 file. Check out “kingdom key” on the triumphant release day of Kingdom Hearts 3 below:

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