Tedy Andreas cannot miss. Even if he’s in a full court press with 3 seconds on the clock and has to launch up the game winner, he’d still hit it. This dude is an absolute sniper when it comes to releasing music. Fans patiently wait and he delivers to the fullest no matter what. I can’t think of a record that hasn’t defined Tedy as anything less than a prolific lyricist. There’s a certain feeling that only select artists can truly bring out, that feeling is one of menace. As if there is a confidence and conviction behind every bar that is almost always complemented by perilous production.

“Dynasties” is just another beat to add to the mass killing spree of beats that Tedy has been on since he arrived on the scene in 2015. Serial Beat Killer. Graphwize gives him some menacing but contrastingly soothing production that he thrives so well on. Ominous keys play as the snare claps, Tedy goes bar after bar and lies another beat to rest.


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