Even the most avid listener can miss something, even if the next big thing is staring them right in the face. Music moves at an alarming rate in the digital age and microwave raps are in abundance. They flood our timelines causing us to possibly scroll past something immaculate, a life changing record, or flawless project. Whether the music is months or years old, never count it out. This is the sole purpose of The Overlooked. 

Boston artist Kadeem has mastered getting his point across in seven tracks or less. The Game Is The Game serves as his third project, all three of which have been around the same length. There is no time to waste for the well-versed rapper, he doesn’t just rap, his bars hold purpose. A straightforward and authentic approach has favored him this far. Released in May of 2018, the seven records have seen far below the recognition that they deserve. It is actually appalling that so many haven’t been in tune with the project.

He teams up with fellow Massachusetts native and esteemed producer, Slumlord. The executive production captures Kadeem’s sound and lyrical strength in a prolific fashion. From start to finish it is clear that the duo were on the same page; this readily apparent connection taking this project to another level. Slumlord sets the vibe to Kadeem’s lyrics like an author setting the scene of the next best seller. The work flows extremely well, varying with beats straight from the gutter to brighter bodied production. There is a near perfect balance between the two sounds that proves the project to be that well-rounded.

When it comes to Kadeem, his lyricism is above par. His artistry is shown track after track as he paints a vivid picture with his words or recollects on past experiences, Kadeem knows when to simply talk his shit and ride the beat. As for the delivery of the bars, you never know how he will come at it. He’s adept at both fast paced cadences and gliding over a beat with ease. He is aware of different techniques to manipulate any rhythm, so much that he is in complete control. As long as the production is hard (with Slumlord behind the boards it’s guaranteed to be), Kadeem will surely handle the rest.

Since the release Kadeem has let the project rock steadily. Cassette tapes have been being distributed and are coming down to the last ones available. Only dropping two singles in the mean time; Change Of Habit produced by Wiardon and “Been Here Before” produced by DumRoaches. The Boston-based rapper thrives at letting his work marinate yet never over saturating his content and continually putting out the most satisfactory work. New music is on the verge of release, it is only a matter of time. Until then keep running The Game Is The Game back and cop your cassette before it’s too late.


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