Grimm Doza has continuously set himself above the pack with unrivaled production. Ability to admirably create the perfect soundscape for any artist he works with factors into that. Pair a producer of his stature with someone lyrically and stylistically superior like Mavi, you get Bloodbath.The recent release off of Doza’s second Soundcloud account is a necessary listen.

An elegant piano loop opens the record followed by snares as Mavi gets right into the hook. In just two bars, four lines, he instills a purpose to his lyrics. “Halo a little rusty but I still got it…I bathed in a little blood to fix the real Mavi”.  Pureness has been compromised through pain and bathing in blood will take away impurities. That’s how I interpreted at least, I might be way off. Regardless there’s substance and a mindful process behind all of Mavi’s lyrics. All he needs is a verse and he can get more off his chest than some can in an entire project. An elite display from both of these rap renaissance men.

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