Underground sensation Lil Wintr brings us a new self-produced single with Geeked. This song is the first single off his new upcoming project Dirty Wintr. What can we say about the production? It’s a Ginseng production. You know this is going to be heat from the moment you start up the track. The track features a very bouncy 808 with a melody that will be sure to warm your heart. When I first heard the song it caught me off guard. Mostly because when you think of a Ginseng production you think of something that is ominous, dark, and ambient, while this is delightfully clean.

Ginseng is always stepping up his production game with every release and this song only continues to add to his ever-growing catalog of bangers. The vocals on this track are also something that caught me by surprise. His previous Lil Wintr works are normally very autotune heavy. This track features a more relaxed autotune with mostly pitching fixes instead of his normal style. Lil Wintr or Ginseng, whatever you want to call him, is a master at both production and rapping. This song is a great opener for building hype for his upcoming project and I’m more than excited to see what he will do next. Check out the track down below and tell us what you think of it.

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