Ghoulavelli – PICASSO

Ghoulavelli shows us what he has coming up next with this new single entitled PICASSO. The single is a tease of what his new album will be like and I am really enjoying it. This is the second track he has released since his debut album SI(N)S dropped about a month or so ago.

Everything on this track screams Ghoulavelli. From the high energy vocals to the dark and twisted production. The production stands out on it’s own. The melody gets you to feel a sense of something ominous, while the 808s are right there kicking you in the face. He really pulls the image of the 80s and late 90s horror films.

Picasso is a great example of why Ghoulavelli is getting such high placements in the underground with the likes of Thouxanbanfauni, Warhol, and Lucki. We are more than excited to see what he will pump out next whether it be a single or an album Ghoulavelli we be sure not disappoint. Check out the single down below and tell us what you think it.

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