It’s a cold game and Slayter has continuously told us all about it over the years. The Vet is plotting on dropping a new tape but drops off “Baby Draco” first. He’s been moving and let’s it be known, has he ever really stop moving? Dropping off Hotboy 1 & 2 last year this is the first official single since. 16YrOld and StoopidXool perform to their highest standards on the collaborative production that invokes a sense of imperilment. You never know when that baby draco might just bite!

Putting a visual to the record was necessary. KennyH captures shots following the New York rapper right into the trenches. NoahSamsen adds vibrant effects that gives the visual a whole new meaning. One that is out of this world, mind boggling effects make Slayter seem larger than life. Keep running this up to unlock the tape!

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