Fijimacintosh surprises us with a new project called Blank Substance. This project is 5 songs long and features 3 new songs. The 3 new songs on the tape are Fuck Gucci and Santa Claus, Hyperbole, and Vortex Memory. However this also has two older that songs that have some plays to them.

Alright so let’s talk about how the new songs sound. Each track is a completely different sound than what Fiji usually puts out. He switches from high pitched vocals to a Playboi Carti like style easily. All of the songs are still fire though. Hyperbole really goes above and beyond on the high pitched vocals, and Fiji bends it to his will. He rides it with a relentless fury and great charisma.

Everything on this project screams Fijimacintosh and it’s great to see him reach new boundaries and test new sounds with his music. We are more than excited to see what he has coming next for his upcoming projects. Check out the project below.

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