The scope of the rap scene in Texas is changing. There’s a shift happening and the next up are starting to get some recognition. Stunnamansam is one of the up and coming Austin artists that is a part of this. Along with the collective OGA, short for On Go Academy. Featuring fellow Texas up and comers; Condo, 98 Chamberlain, E James, DJ Dave Skylark, DJ Yung Chili, GloBoyUche, and E Diddy. They are paving a way for themselves and those who are also on their way up. How everything came together is even genuine, nothing was forced they just naturally linked up.

Sam himself is a strong advocate for realness. Not only that, he is an extremely determined and hard working individual. Somebody who knows where they’re going with the mindset to get there. Starting out he never took rapping that serious, he would just freestyle while hotboxing with his homies. They encouraged him to take his abilities seriously and he’s been recording ever since. He’s entirely focused on the music now. Taking a year off of school has allowed him to invest more in himself and put all energy into his raps. The StunnaMan has a whole lot of work in the tuck and is still going hard at the studio constantly.

A few singles have led up to the release of the Cap City EP. His most recent being “Worried Bout Y’all”, with production from Noir Brent/Brent Rambo. The EP is set to drop on February 18th, next Monday. Including six tracks it is looking to be some of the most gratifying work from the Austin native so far. On the verge of the release we talked and I learned some more about the man behind the mic. Below is some of our conversation including what his days look like, his music, and how he linked up with one of his go-to producers Condo. Along with the exclusive release of the Cap City Tracklist at the end. Get to know StunnaManSam:

What’s a regular day for you look like?

Man to be honest a lot of my days don’t be feeling regular. It be some new BS everyday.

What’s the most recent BS you’ve had to deal with?

It’s really levels to the BS, but the most crucial BS I had to deal with recently was when my tire burst on me on the highway at like 3AM.

For real I think there’s really always some type of BS happening, how’d you handle that?

Them good people at Triple A came through for a nigga.

Shout out that roadside assistance! You’re from Austin right?

On me! I was just hoping to get outta there before 12 tried to help or some dumb shit. I was actually born in Beverly Hills I know that sounds boujie but that’s no cap. I spent the first four and a half years of my life in LA before my family moved to Austin.

Do you remember LA at all?

I do but I don’t type shit. I remember just as much as most people remember from their toddler years.

 I feel you, do you like living out in Austin?

It’s cool it lives up to its mantra for sure, I’ll say that much.

How would you describe it?

Bruh it’s so hard to really describe Austin cause every area so different but if I were to speak in general I’d say it’s a relatively calm but weird place. Besides when major events are happening like SXSW, ACL, Texas Relays are going down.

I feel that how’d you get into making music?

I used to play piano growing up from like ages five to eleven, then I quit that shit cause my instructor only had me on the classical side of shit. Really I’ve kind of grown up musically inclined but how I got in to rapping, a little different.

Do you still know how to play and how did you start rapping?

Hell nah. I can still hit the first part of Fur Elise though. I started rapping really just off the strength of how good I got at freestyling in hotboxes. I was pretty consistent with it and my DJ, who like my brother I never had really encouraged me to get a mic and try to actually record my own raps. I copped a mic with my high school graduation money and just been on this shit since.

What was the first song you ever recorded?

I recorded a couple of tracks that summer on some type beats that will probably never come out.

What’s your favorite bar you’ve had so far?

“I got plays like a coach, million dollar thoughts coming off a roach” is one I think about a lot. That’s off some unreleased with 98 Chamberlain.

Who’re some of your favorite artists right now other than yourself?

Shit right now my favorite artists are a lot of the people I work with; 98 Chamberlain, Condo, Wiardon, to name a few. To name a couple more outside my circle I been fucking with; Bby Kodie, Mavi, and Lil Gray to keep it brief. 

Condo produces for you a lot, how’d you guys meet up?

Hell yeah that’s my nigga for life but we met during freshman orientation week at UNT on some just chance shit. I seen bro had a film camera or something like that and I think I complimented him on it. We just started chopping it up about a whole bunch of shit and realized we had a whole lot of similar interests. Music taste and skateboarding, we really just clicked on some meant to be shit.

Facts making a genuine connection to create with someone like that is always rare, what do you got in the works right now?

It is really rare, for real. So as of right now I got my first EP of the year Cap City, ready to drop sometime this month. I also got a group project the On Go Tapes Volume One in the cut that’s in its final stages. Expect those two. I’m also starting to work on my first full-length project as well.

Where do you see yourself by the end of the year?

Man honestly I just wanna be in a position to be eating off what I love by the end of the year, hopefully touring or something by then.

You’re on your way there bro. Any last people you wanna show some love too?

Thank you bruh, I just want to give a shoutout to my whole OGA team as well as anyone out there who gave me a chance or push to be in this position.



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