Lil Turbo shows us  his determination by dropping another ep entitled Rack Racer. The EP features a wide array of production from the likes of Yung Star, Ashy Prophet, Kash Cloud, Shiro, Lukrative, Falsecut, Shoki, Geeohhs, and Fadedblackkid. This project is a completely different vibe from his previous work Turbo Bieber, and he is really starting to prove how diverse he is getting with his sound.

The opening track Idek, produced by Yung Star, Ashy Prophet, and Kash Cloud caught my attention right from the start. The track starts with a very menacing yet simple melody. The melody comes in quietly then slowly picks up in tempo and volume before Turbo and the 808s kick in for an explosion of quality sound. Turbo rides this beat without much effort but he makes it sound so good. His deeper voice with the reverb compliments the melody by making it have almost a good versus evil feel to it.

Another song that caught my attention was Killswitch produced by FadedBlackkid. I have a deep love for killer melodies and FadedBlackkid has been on my radar for a long time cause of it. Every beat he has put out has been insane. His mastery of a good mix as well is something that I always look for. So this song is a good example of these things. The song is mixed so well with Turbo’s voice being just a touch louder than the melody and almost the same as the drums. Turbo murders this beat with a relentless force. He keeps going in from start to finish with hard as fuck bars. The track feels like Turbo just won’t stop and personally this could’ve been a 6 minute long song with Turbo just destroying the beat and I would’ve been fine with it.

Lil Turbo has been releasing non-stop straight for all of 2019 and it doesn’t look like he is stopping anything time soon. This project is hard from start to finish and I 100% recommend listening to it. Check out the project down below and tell us what you think of it.

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