Kadeem Has His Mind On More Than Just Music: An Interview With The Boston Artist

Artistry in any aspect takes time to figure out, let alone master. You must first figure out yourself and what you are all about. What message you are going to deliver. Kadeem is a rapper that bleeds Boston and has a mind focused on subjects larger than rap. Deeper than rap word to Rick Ross. He takes his music in stride and creates it as art is supposed to be. There’s more to it than the music itself every time. 

Over-saturation is foreign to him, he made a comparison between artists trying to be a shotgun blast. Which refers to everyone trying to hit multiple targets and blow up instantly. “Im not a shotgun blast I look at myself as a sniper, I’m precise.” To not be a shotgun blast in an era full of shotgun blasts is something special. If you look through the gun smoke of the shotgun blasts, you’re bound to find the snipers perched up. Kadeem is undoubtably one of them. Someone who knows where they are at and more importantly where they’re going to end up. To describe his tone while speaking on a number of musically focused topics it was completely stress free. Worry is the last thing on his mind when it comes to the music. 

A bigger cause is what drives him to do what he does. He knows this music is just temporary but is an advocate of “revolution and free thinking”. That’s the message that he continues to deliver in every way he can. Especially to the youth, the youth in his mind are the most important. They are the next step and if freedom of thought isn’t being exercised by them, we will be stuck in a never ending cycle of mental lapses. Actively putting the message out into the community and working with the youth directly are some ways he’s taken advantage of his position. There’s no emptiness in his message, he accurately practices what he preaches. 

His most recent release “Wide Margins” sets the tone for a gratifying year musically to come. With more on the way, singles, and a project in the works we discussed who he is and what the man behind the mic is all about. Get in tune with Kadeem as he continues his ascension below: 

How long have you stayed out in Boston for?

Born and raised my guy. Left for a little for middle school and high school but still was over here.

Word so you started making music in 2013. How’d you get into it?

I mean I been making music since 1998 but recording? 2009 and taking serious, 2013. It was off the strength of my friends telling me I got it.

What was the first thing you ever recorded?

Some track in Brockton I more than likely regret.

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, has your process changed at all since you started?

I still do the best I can. So the effort been the same but as far as how I approach the music? I’m more free. I hold no constraints.

What’s influenced your music the most?
Probably my bro’s letters from jail. Looking at those from a larger scale, how we determine how to get out the hood and success. I just want my people to be open with themselves regardless of the barriers.
Hope bro is in good spirits. You do rap with a purpose and an awareness that addresses those issues. There needs to be more of a balance in the game of people actually speaking on what’s really going on. Would you say that’s the biggest message you carry in your words?

He good now. Good looks. I guess “what’s really going on” is just me speaking from a perspective that my people have suffered long enough. I just want to see whats right brought to light. That’s for everyone.

Glad to hear that. Absolutely everyone needs to listen and understand it. It’s not something that can just be swept under the rug. What’s your life like in Boston?

I’m a regular 9-5 having dude, no bullshit. I just try to put my hands and help out where I can, til’ music and community is full time

What did you grow up listening to and what do you listen to the most right now?

Mostly Pac, Mobb Deep and DMX cause of my bro. Still resonates forever. Now, mostly jazz no bullshit. Trying to expand my musicality. Jazz is the ultimate for me.

Of course. Who are some of your favorite jazz artists?

As far as to be a better musician? I listen to Monk and Coltrane a lot because their spirituality tied to their technical skill in Jazz. You can hear the ascension. Good to practice with. I recently found this cat Joe Armon-Jones, I like his shit a lot too. Reminds me of a style I want to grow to be.
Never can go wrong with those two, arguably two of the best jazz artists to ever do it. Do you see yourself pursuing different genres of music somewhere down the line?

Hell yeah man. Hip-Hop is forever though. It’ll never stop. Its appearance may change, but I’m forever rooted in it. I’m here to evolve where my soul wants me to go.
No doubt, who are some of your favorite people rapping right now other than yourself?

Off top off of listens as of late; Thebe, Dolph, KA, Eto, and Santo Medina been heavy in my rotation. My nigga Dumroaches when he chooses to rap. Boy nice.

What about producers?

Everybody from around my side giving heat. Grubby Pawz, Loman, Evilldewer to name a few. Dumroaches, Sadhu and Ewonee are crazy as hell too.

What’re you currently working on and looking to put out this year?

I work on a lot of shit at once, but right now immediately a few singles with a couple producers I fuck with. After that I’m hoping to drop two projects. We’ll see how that goes but I’m excited for the result regardless.
I’m definitely looking forward to everything, is there anyone you wanna show love to before we wrap up?

That list gon’ be too long. We’ll just say peace to everyone blossoming art through the hardships.

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