lil drew – love knots

lil drew shows us his masterful talent with this Ginseng produced song entitled love knots. While drew is fairly new to the scene he is already doing has found his sounds and it works wonderfully for him.

drew has been doing things with the likes of Ginseng and Angelus for a moment now but I think he has what it takes to blow up even bigger in the scene. This song is a great example of it. drew has great vocalization that flows with the beats he has been on so far. When I hear a song the flow is something that is super important and is a key factor whether I will skip the song or not. This track has that magical combo that made it an earworm for me. The great production by the underground legend himself helped in that part, but also how easily drew rides the beat with what seems like little effort. Everything from the mixing in this, tothe adlibs, stuck in my head for hours after the first listen and I just kept coming back for more and more lil drew.

lil drew has what it takes to blow up in the future and he is definitely someone you should be keeping on your radar. While followers don’t really matter, putting out a song like this with such a small following is sure to turn heads his way. Check out the song down below and tell us what you think of it.

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