909Memphis – Mixed Feelings

909Memphis gives us some new exciting material with his long-awaited album entitled Mixed Feelings. This project is packed with features and tons of different producers. The tracklist is 14 songs long and features of a wide array of musical styles.

So what do you listen for when you listen to 909Memphis? For me, something that always stood out about him is his voice. Memphis has this style where he does a sing-rap type deal that feels original and delightful everything you listen to one of his songs. No one in the underground can match his chemistry that he gives off when he does his vocals this way. Now that we have discussed what makes 909Memphis so appealing, let’s talk about some of the songs in this tape.

The firsts song that truly caught my attention was Seven Featuring Tommy Ice, along with production from Cig and Di$. The tempo of this song was the first thing that got my attention due to the first two songs on this project being slower than this one. So picture this. I’m vibing to the guitar riff that’s playing and then Memphis comes in with them nice and smooth vocals. He rides the beat with nice ease but then, I listen to the way he annouciting the words. This is what made me like the song so much.

I’m addicted to these women // Buss in your girl cause you know I’m pimpin

This line while just read is completely different in the song cause of the way he pronounces and also how he flows with it on the beat. Tommy Ice comes in the second half of the song with deeper voice making it for a stylistic change. This song is definitely my favorite on the tape and the one I kept coming back too.

The second song that is on my radar is Work featuring Reddish Blu, along with production by Ric. This song is something that is entirely different from the rest of the tape. It had a Chris Brown dancing in a nightclub type vibe to it. The song also features a very unique autotune for Memphis that I was not expecting at all. His voice is more natural and deeper as well. The reverb is still there but the tuning of his voice has been down a bit. Different but still good. The beat while extremely different from the rest of the work on the album serves as a reminder of how good Memphis is at being able to carry himself through a large variety of beats. This song featured the autotune, different beat style than the conventional and he was still able to flow with the song effortlessly? That’s the sign of good musicianship.

909Memphis in this record shows a good amount of versatility, flow mastery and a wonderful array of vocal skill. This album was worth all of the wait that we had to endure. He continues to show more and more stylistic improvements with every release. We 100% recommend the album to listen to whenever possible. It’s a must listen for sure. Check out the album down below and tell us what you think of it.

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