Spotlight: Grimm Doza

I took some time to talk to Grimm about his sound, current/past inspirations, and his 2019-2020 plans as we head into the Spring season. Take a look.

Lonny X: What’s your hardest challenge as a creative?

Grimm Doza: The biggest challenge I face creatively is finalizing my projects/songs. Whenever I “finish” something I generally sit there for hours listening and criticizing my work heavily as if it wasn’t even me. I’m a perfectionist, but I don’t necessarily want things to sound perfect either. I like raw sounds. It’s all about finding the right balance between your own musicality and mixing it with a type professional sound that’s gonna allow your work to reach more people. Gotta swag it out no matter what you do though.

LX: Where does your inspiration stem from? Do you think those influences have an effect on your sound?

GD: My inspiration stems from 90s era / early 2000s hip hop. The shit I would hear as a kid. Everything from Wu Tang, MF DOOM, Roc Marciano to 50 Cent, Dipset, Max B, Cassidy…I am inspired by newer stuff too. When the whole beast coast wave hit in NY it was very inspiring. Everyone from Pro Era, Flatbush Zombies, Underachievers, Worlds Fair, etc. That shit was a crazy movement and time period I liked because you also had Odd Future out, Earl was definitely an inspiration at the time. Mac Miller, Action Bronson, Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q you feel me there was a lot of rappers to get into that really rapped and the production felt more unique at the time. Also can’t forget about Retch, he definitely inspired the hell out of me when I heard him and the fact he from Jersey makes it even cooler. I pretty much take in everything I  hear and it all inspires me. If shit makes me feel a way and I can connect to the lyrics or even just the vibe that shit got me inspired. Producers that inspire me range from Pharrell, Spaceghostpurrp, Dame Grease, Alchemist, J Dilla..there’s more but they really hold it down as producers.


LX: Explain “Lo-Fi” to the people who may not understand.

GD: those who don’t understand, lo-fi is just keeping the low quality in things. If there’s white noise, background noise anything that sound like its not straight recorded in a studio with a clean master, that’s lo-fi. Pretty much shit that sounds dirty as hell but in a beautiful ass way. I don’t necessarily like where the whole “lo-fi” wave is going but I do me regardless of wtf going on.

LX: How does it feel when people say you are the birth of “Lo-Fi Trap”. Does it matter to you? Do you believe you are? 

GD: When people tell me I “birthed” lofi trap I agree with it and disagree at the same time. I’m definitely not the first person to make a trap beat with a lofi sound. However, the sound I brought with it and the amount of influence the sound I brought had made it clear to me and others that i had started a wave, regardless if you wanna call it lofi trap or not. My sound is heavily mimicked and I been trying to stop putting labels on it because I be coming out with some different never before heard type shit. Lofi trap – you could say that Three 6 Mafia, SGP & even Lil B been on that. But my shit don’t sound nothing like theirs at that’s up for speculation but imma keep doing me and they gonna keep biting the shit. With that being said, it doesn’t really matter if people think I started something or not. I’m here to inspire anyways.


LX: What are your 2019-2020 plans? Any projects? Shows? Collaborations?

GD: 2019-2020 I got a lot of projects I’m executively producing. That’s my new favorite thing to do. The final product is always crazy when I produce an entire project. Just dropped a tape with Lil Xelly produced by me. I got a full length with Thagodfahim in the works coming soon. Just dropped a beat tape got more coming already. More collabs with my boy Revenxnt. More work with my posse NJ Gremlins. More work with Morgue & Tripp Jones. More with Sha Hef, more with RetcH. I got really so much work in the cut with so many heads gotta keep it a surprise. Ima let my 2019-2020 speak for itself cuz it’s definitely looking bright. I’ll be at SXSW doing shows and I got one coming up at Rutgers University I’m excited about that college is crazy. Mad grateful to be doing what I do and shit is kicking up this year.`

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