Lil Xelly Returns With “Xell On Earth”

There was no doubt in our minds that Lil Xelly would find someway to outdo everything he has put out so far. But what we could never expect was the quality of his new EP Xell On Earth. From the foundation the production of the project is tremendous. I’ve said from the start that Xelly just needed beats to match his experimentation, and LordFubu, Noir Brent, Soldado, Levitatingman, 4am, Thankyoumelfis, and Lil 4 all answer the challenge with bass boosted orchestras, topped with amazing melodies. But it’s Xelly’s performance that brings the entire tape together. With all the talk of his rise and new found recognition, we need to pay more attention to how much he’s progressed in so little time and what releasing Xell On Earth means for the new underground king. This is really just the beginning of his career, and being here for the entire ride is a rare but inspirational one. Check out the new project below and let me know what you think.

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