We spoke to Wiardon about his latest offering Loose Endz, being ahead of his time and Wingstop. See for yourself:



Lonny X: For those who may not know, how old are you and where are you from?

Wiardon: My name is Will (aka Wiardon) and i’m 16 years old and i’m a rapper/producer from Houston.

LX: Who better Giannis or Harden?

W: Harden obviously.

LX: Do people in your school listen to you?

W: Yea people at my school slick fans of me lol. Shit cool but annoying at the same time.

LX: Being as young as you are, what would you say to artists your age that are pursuing music?

W: Keep working. You never know who’s watching.


LX: Where do you record most of your songs? Does it matter to you?

W: I record all my songs usually at my house. I rarely go to the studio. I like recording at the crib because I get to just be alone in my room and blast music on the speakers.

LX: What inspired Loose Endz? From the art to the content? Was there a particular mood you were going for?

W: Really just life shit. It’s been a lot of shit that’s changed since my last project. It’s kinda like a life update.


LX: What’s your Wingstop order?

W: Honestly I aint go to wingstop in a minute but I’m definitely fucking with the lemon pepper.

LX: Miami is one of my favorite offerings from the project. Can you speak more on the process of the making of the song? I like the beat selection and the sound you are delivering.

W: I made that song at one of my friend’s houses. Nothing special happened really ha. I just made the beat then started freestyling to it and wrote some shit down. I love that beat though.

LX: What’s next?

W: I got more shit with Revenxnt coming. GMC group project. Sadhu Gold project. We always working over here.


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