Best Projects Of February

Its been a while since we’ve listed our favorite projects of the month, but with so much new music dropping lately we decided to bring it back for you guys. Here’s what we kept on repeat in February:



BBY Kodie – 2/23

It’s been a long time since the young Houston icon has released a project, his last being Teen Icon, a project that he has since disowned, calling it his worst work, and rightfully so. His new project 2/23 is heaps and bounds above his past two works (although I loved them both) containing easily his most polished, refined 8 tracks yet. The teaser tape features some mind-blowing production from himself, his alter ego White Forest and talented friend TravionKB. Together, the three craft a flawless project packed with 13 minutes of sonic-speed bars over nothing but masterful production. At one point Kodie goes as far as to do his own takes on Benny Bennassi’s satisfaction and the legendary track I’m Throwed by DJ Paul, doing justice to both tracks that would seem like an unfathomable feet for most rappers. He exhibts insane skill on every track, coming up with sly bars that go right over your head, especially on Satisfaction and Kobie:

“Fuck the free world bitch i’m hot/I’m in me world what’s a cop?/I’m like grease popping out the pot/She like east straight from the top/Counting up yeast and I won’t stop/500 a beat, 3000 a feat/The Fuck i look like boy you thought it was cheap?/Bitch ion make jazz, i’m not pistol pete/Kodie came ballin, my field goal percentage a hunnid plus/Sippin comethazine, might just go pick demi up/He wanted beef so I kept me a semi tuck/Need bands by the lot like a nigga need parking/Give me 13 reasons not to shoot no harden/If they lock my ass up bet I’m getting out no pardon.” 

Kodie delivers more bars in just two tracks than most people’s albums. His punchlines are like deadly hooks to the jaw, leaving me in complete disarry and shock for minutes on the first listen. Kodie’s the most underrated and overlooked rapper that has come across our radar in the past year and his lack of appreciation among the underground is disappointing to say the least.


Lucki – Freewave 3

Lucki’s journey from Freewave 1 to Freewave 3 has been a ride that many weren’t around to witness it firsthand, but those of us that did know how much we need to appreciate Freewave 3. The full length project is heavy with southern culture, from the snippets to the chops and melodies. From there Lucki builds a one a kind experience that pits us against some of our own inner demons.




ZellyOcho’s name has been floating about the underground for weeks now, a carefully crafted buildup to his latest project SLIDIN ON YOU, a momentous DJ Phat exclusive. While everyone is desperately searching for the next sound or big thing Zelly stands firm in his roots, a dark twisted street fantasy of shootouts and drugs. The production alone is incredible. CashCache, Beemboy, Jakesand, Isaacbeats, and Evilgiane all life the entire project into a higher tier of quality, guaranteeing its spot as what will be his more memorable releases.

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