NEILAWORLD – Supernova

The underground’s superstar collective has finally released their debut project together. NEILAWORLD has released Supernova, a project featuring the likes of Kevin Kazi & Lil Turbo on the mic, and production from fadedblackid, Lukrative, Madara, and Blacky Tom. This project is sure to not disappoint.

Everything from start to finish on this project was hard. The opening song Biohazard set the mood for the entire tape. The moment I heard Lil Turbo say “I’m off a perc” I knew this tape was gonna hit different. The electronic distortion that was the opening melody only made me enjoy it more. All the vocals on this track has a sort of distortion to them, which only added to a hypotonic effect that was created with it. This song had similar characteristics of the older Florida soundcloud scene. Unrefined yet still refined and hard-hitting. Shoutout to fadedblackid and Kevin Kazi for making such a monstrous beat for that song. You guys killed it.

The final song on this tape had a completely different vibe to it then the first. Ride exclusively produced by Lukrative is an amazing song that sets for a nice relaxing vibe. The atmosphere of this song is nothing but clouds. The beat while very layed back is still something that you should listen for. Lukrative is a master of creating a great balance of melody and drums. Now let’s talk about the vocals on this. This song starts out with Kevin Kazi on the opening chorus. He talks about a girl.

Girl you said // that you would ride // stay by my side.

The song speaks on heartbreak and the leaving of people that are important to you. Everyone on this song killed there corresponding verse or chorus.

NEILAWORLD while being a collective is one of the biggest thing in the underground right. Everyone from the likes of small producers who are talented people can get in and also industry heavy hitters as well. It’s starting to get to the point where when I go on SoundCloud I can’t go 5 minutes without hearing the NEILAWORLD tag. This project was a good start for the group and I can only see them increasing on the quantity and the quality going up from here. This project is a must listen for sure. Check out the EP down below and tell us what you think of it.

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