Art can be expressed in a number of different mediums. Most artists will put themselves in a box and focus on a single one. That could never be Revenxnt, the New Jersey artist who can do just about everything creative. He is an experienced painter, graphic designer, videographer, and producer. He might fuck around and do everything for a project except rap on it. 

Speaking with him was an inspiring experience. A firm believer in having multiple hustles, he’s clearly made all of his work for him. Rev puts his all into everything he works on, there is never any shortcomings or dissatisfaction. Standing for something deeper than the art itself every time.

For example a significant edit that he created that’s been pinned on his twitter for the longest came into discussion. It includes his beat playing behind a clip of the stash house raid in Belly. He broke down everything, explaining the timing of the drums lining up with the gunshots and how the sound itself tied into the overall mood. Then the deeper message that the viewer should depict as “everyone against the cops”, something along those lines.

That type of in-depth thinking behind everything he does is visibly reflected across all his work. No matter what medium he’s working on you can always tell that it’s Rev. His style is so rooted to his identity that it is impossible to mistake. Nothing is done randomly, each aspect of each piece has a reason. 

His mindset itself is unstoppable. Genuinely he wants to see everybody that’s putting in the work win. There is no hate in his heart, there is no time for that. Seeing others, especially those close to him succeed is as much a reward as winning himself. At this point in time he holds nothing back. Excuses are not something that he is fond of, he acts on his thoughts and creates greatness out of them. Stressing to me that you can “do anything with anything”. 

Rev is well on his way to becoming one of the most profound all-around artists of our time. With his determined mentality, putting everything he’s got into his art, there is no stopping him. Read up on the entire interview below and learn something:

Did you grow up in Jersey your whole life?

Besides being in and out New York, niggas for the most part grew up in Jersey. Ima always put on for the state as well my niggas here too.

What was it like growing up out there for you?

Growing up I had to get it how I live and make sure I was getting my bread. I been painting for almost two decades so I been living a creative lifestyle as well for the longest, which fueled the position I’m in now.

So you started out painting? Now you do damn near everything.

Niggas gotta have multiple hustles, shit important. Started out using photoshop CS3 in 6th grade, been graphic designing ever since, followed by videography three years ago. I started producing in the beginning of 2015. I have taught myself endless programs and methods since then.

That’s a great point. What’s your favorite of them all currently?

Keep it a stack I can’t pick a medium, I’m too deep rooted in everything I do creatively and they all have special roles. I spend an equal amount of time improving on every skill because there’s no sense in being only half good at multiple things. The point is to excel in all areas.

That absolutely is reflected in all your work, there is no half-assing. Where do you find the most inspiration creatively?

I’m inspired most by seeing my niggas good. The thought of everybody prospering in they own way is all it take to keep me pushing. I know endless talented people and we shifting how the world views art & music.

There is a prevalent shift happening. Who are some of the people you work best with?

Me and my nigga Grimm Doza got perfect chemistry when it comes to this music shit. Same with the music videos I shoot for him. Also shout out my nigga Krimelife Ca$$, we been at this for years. New work soon with $ha hef, you gon see how crazy we is on tracks together.

You got some heat with Doza and Ca$$. You were behind the art for “PSA” right?

Facts. I did that cover along with the Timeless cover for Dark Lo and V Don. Did plenty of other artwork and videos for people but that all gon come to light soon if it hasn’t already.

That’s a great cover and project too. Do you feel as an artist you’re constantly fighting to get credited for your work?

Ima be honest that rarely happens due to working with people that got respect for me and what I do. It’s happened before but not to an unnecessary point.

I’ve noticed there is always a mutual respect between those you work with, it makes everything more genuine. How would you describe your overall art style?

My overall art style is abstract, it can be seen in my painted portraits with how I use different angles and colors to convey a message that can’t always be seen through realism. This transfers over to my beats where I chop samples or my own sounds to do something similar. Or my videos that appear as a moving collage. I want to change the way people see and hear things.

It’s compelling how well your style relates across each medium. What is a recurring message you find yourself telling through your work?

Ima always tell myself “the hustle is necessary” and “there are better days coming” which is what has kept my work ethic at a good rate for the longest time.

What are you currently working on?

Got some beat tapes of my own to drop whenever the mixing done. Got videos and projects in the works with $ha hef & Da$h. Plenty of shit with my nigga Grimm Doza. The list of people I’m currently working with is endless so just be on the look out is all Ima say.

Looking forward to it all. Is there anything you wish you would’ve know when you started that you know now?

No because the knowledge that I gained could’ve only been found through experieence. I’m grateful for the lessons that life has taught me.

What goals do you look to accomplish by the end of the year?

It’s hard to say because last year ended up very different from how I thought it would, in a good way. General goals would be continuing to improve in all areas as well as pushing those around me to prosper. Me accomplishing goals feel even better when my niggas getting to theirs too.

That’s facts. What advice do you have for any creatives trying to be a part of the shift?

Treat what you do as art instead of a quick check. When you dedicate time and genuine effort into your craft, the money will always come in due time and sometimes more that expected.

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