$ha Hef & A$AP P – PSA

PSA is strictly audio dope. Nine tracks of pure crack. $ha Hef and A$AP P have us lining up like fiends on the 1st and 15th to listen. I’ve replayed it six times since it dropped at least. The perfect balance of gritty production to the soul-filled sampling. Real rhymes draped over the pristine beats make each track complete. Brought to us directly from two respected, quintessential artists.

Straight gutter tracks like “Smoke Break” and the leading single “ShootOuts”. Down to the classic R&B feel that “Kan’t Understand It” executes so well. Sampling the Alexander O’Neal record “If Your Were Here Tonight”. The project holds a vintage street vibe that is displayed all the way down to the overall art direction from Revenxnt. High caliber rap with no boundaries.


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