99TOYO is a name you don’t see very much in the underground. This artist is a hidden talent in the underground. I found him one day while browsing KanyeToThe and I was blown away by his sound. This hidden gem just happened to release a new EP days ago called ILLBEFINE++*.

This project is filled with wonderful ambient rap that is sure to be great on a long drive at night or just relaxing in your room. His deep voice is filled with character that makes each song such an enchanting listen. From start to finish this EP is full of character and charisma.

While 99TOYO is the artist I’m speaking on today I want to give a shoutout to Palmpre as well. This EP was exclusively produced by him and I think he deserves so much credit for helping create an amazing project. The mysterious and ambient vibe of this EP is umatched by most at the moment and I hope this project gains more track as the days go by as it worthy of multiple listens. Check out the project down below and tell us what you think of it.

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